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The Artist about himself in the interview: Zeynelkhan Mukhamedzhan: "I am not a politician, I am just an artist"
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Zeinelkhan MUKHAMEDJAN | Kazakhstan

Zeynelkhan Mukhamedjan, Kazakh artist, born in Mongolia, 1959. Graduated from Mongolian Art College, tapestry specialty. Against the background of general decline and losses in Kazakh applied art, Zeynelkhan makes a desperate attempt to save the unique Kazakh embroidery, breathing new life into it. The impetus, from which in 1986 he began his long way in seeking his artistic style, was given by his wife, Gulzhay Kusman. Together they created a new art "biz keste", which is a modern art direction, based on ancient Kazakh embroidery crochet. Along with modern search, Zeynelkhan's artistic approach differs in appeal to the archetypes and metaphors of the past with its ideas of eternal nomadism. His embroidered paintings convey the emotional atmosphere, philosophy and aesthetics of Kazakhstan, the country of the Great Steppe; they tell of Kazakh steppe heroes and legends.

  • Laureate of the UNESCO "Award of Excellence" certificate

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