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The Artist about himself in the interview: Serzhan Bashirov: "The West Needs Our Spirituality"
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Serzhan BASHIROV | Kazakhstan

Serzhan BASHIROV lives in Astana. Born in 1964, East Kazakhstan; artist-jeweler and small forms' sculptor. Graduated from the Almaty Theater and Art Institute, 1991. Strives to express the spiritual truth in the ethno-avant-garde style. This unique, free style the jeweler created under the influence of Hundertwasser, the Austrian architect and painter. Bashirov has combined natural forms of folk art with asymmetrical lines of abstractionism and modern. His favorite compositional method is a combination of different techniques and contrasting materials' texture, such as silver, stone, bone, wood. The jeweler prefers ribbing, uneven stones, not smooth grinding. Traditional national tokens, woven into the bizarre contours of his products are surprisingly modern in design. At the same time, the national signs of fire, earth, sun go back to the primitive ritual art of the peoples around the world.

  • Grand Prix Winner, Jewelry Competition "Zhiger-99", Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, 1999
  • Silver Medal & Second Grand Winner, Jewelers' Competition of the CIS Countries "Jewelry Olympus", St. Petersburg, Russia, 2004
  • A three-time laureate of the UNESCO "Award of Excellence " certificate.

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