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The Artist about himself in the interview: Rajat Subhra Bandopadhyay: "Painting is my religion"
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Radjat Subhra Bandopadhyay. Born in 1966, India. Lives in New Delhi. Graduated from the State Indian Arts and Crafts College, 1990. Forced to earn a living, for a quarter of a century he was only dreaming of being a free landscape painter and working in an advertising agency. Today Bandopadhya is a known watercolorist at home and abroad. Nature is a keynote of his work, but he is not trying to copy it. The artist has created his own realistic style, which is characterized by strong expressive brushstrokes that convey the power of spirit and are a mixture of the British art school and textured watercolor. Bandopadhyay’s surreal works is a different point of view, somewhere between realism and abstract. He does his best to avoid losing communication with the audience. Color is the most important thing for the artist and he keeps experimenting with it in order his works carried a mood of joy and serenity.

* Shortlisted for "The 100 years of the city of Delhi" in 2012.

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