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The Artist about himself in the interview: Edward Walsh: "What Makes Great Art?"
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Edward WALSH | the USA

Edward WALSH, born in 1944, the USA. Talented sculptor, apprentice to a Cuban, Manuel Carbonell, 1963-72. Art education received at the United States and Italy. Widely known as the author of figurative sculptures that adorn venues across America and beyond.  The Walsh style doesn't fit into a strict identifying. His sculpture has been called modern, fine, abstract, figurative and even pop art. Walsh is an experimenter with forms and materials. Loves using rich, durable materials to create art pieces having inherent beauty. His career is full of original and unfamiliar ways of working with familiar materials. Good examples are his stainless steel images brought to a mirror finish: manually fabricated from many small cut out shapes and welded up together. Sculptor continually sculpts directly by hand and feels equally at home while sculpting in stone, marble, granite, or with steel, bronze, and aluminum. He derives inspiration from the nature, finds forms at people and animals. Walsh is fond of a flying birds theme. In a graceful and harmonious movement of wings, he captures the spirit of a bird as the rise of human spirit.

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