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The Artist about himself in the interview: Angel Muriel: "It is a great privilege to be in my kingdom"
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Angel MURIEL | Spain

Angel Muriel, the largest surrealist of the present, born in 1948, Spain, lives in Madrid. Embodies the traits of the artist-scientist. His expressionistic painting's media strongly differs from any other expressionism. Muriel's work is an organic alloy of science fiction and farce, theatricality and caustic sarcasm. His neo-figurativism has marked the beginning of a new era of the sharp satire based on disappointment in the real world. Dodging the material reality, he shows that life is a tragicomedy, where everyone has his own role on the unique stage of the"Great Theatre of the World". The world is the farce, the theatrical stage, dammed by crowds of delirious creatures, not similar to anything, who live transcendentally, in themselves. These hybrid bodies make Muriel kindred with Kafka, and the theater of absurd by Ionesco. His pessimistic large-scale paintings narrate about the futility of life, the futility of love and death. The liberation of death is as absurd, cruel, terrible and delirious, as reality from which it exempts.

Won't be exaggeration to tell that for today Angel Muriel is the most inventive artist and the biggest mocker in visual art.

•  1968 - 2011 - Winner of thirty three (33) higher awards and prizes at the art competitions in Spain and beyond.

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