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Country: Kazakhstan, Almaty

About gallery:
Founded in 2012, online gallery Dina Duspulova / KZ Art Invest showcases works by both Kazakhstan-based and international artists. We specialize on the worldwide trade of museum-quality contemporary art for private and corporative clients.

Dina Duspulova

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Business & Vlast, newspaper   |  30.11.2012   |  Text: Yana Savitskaya

    Born of the cultural life in the southern capital of Kazakhstan, the Almaty Dom Mira was launched in 2003, a new non-commercial public organization. It defiantly declared itself through innovative projects in the arts in the support of peace on earth. The organizers proposed that increased interaction between artists, similar to Anna Scherer’s soirees in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, an art-salon ‘a La Madame Scherer’ would revive some of the cultural traditions of Kazakhstan and be the impetus for the rise of new creative energy in the country.

    The idea of reviving the art salons concept in Almaty was developed by Dina Duspulova and proved to be an exciting contribution to Almaty society. It was met with enthusiasm within the business circles of the city and f...

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